The number of users demanding a wider area is growing every day. Our users want us to grow, to grow further and to reach further. Today we have news for you…

Today we announce that our fleet increases up to 600 cars, positioning ourselves as leaders in Madrid in carsharing in number of available vehicles. But the increase of fleet does not only mean the rise in availability of cars, but also a growth of our service area.

From the second week of November we add Hortaleza to our map. The trips will be able to finish in the delimited area of the streets López de Hoyos, Avenida Gran Vía de Hortaleza, Emigrantes, Machupichu, Silvano and M40. With this increase, in emov we are looking to reach the expectations that our users request daily through social media, web, email and phone.

Join emov here and reach further!