Make sure once you start the registration process you have at hand: a valid ID card, valid credit/debit card, valid driver license.

After you provide a scan copy of your ID (only Madrid customers) and driving license (both sides) at the end of the registration process, your account will be activated within the next 24-48 hours. Once your emov account has been activated you will receive a confirmation email. Then you can log into the emov app using your e-mail address and password and start enjoying the emov experience.

Right now, our application is compatible with IoS and Android devices. Unfortunately, Windows phones are not compatible with the emov app.

It is easy. Open the app, pick the car at your convenience in the city map, press “book this car”. Once you reach the car and you have verified that the plate number of the car in front of your matches the plate number of the vehicle you booked, press “unlock car”. The car will automatically open. The keys are inside the glovebox. Turn on the ignition and enjoy your ride.

The keys are inside the car’s glovebox. You will find the keyholder card inserted in its compartment. Once your trip is over, please leave the key the same way.

Our cars can be reserved for up to 20 minutes in advance without cost.

The car battery level can be checked directly in the emov app. Our vehicles have a battery capacity of 85 km with a battery level of 100%, considering optimal driving conditions. Nevertheless, this range may vary depending on driving conditions, the use of heating or a/c and the orography of the trip.

All customers are responsible for leaving the car with a level of battery of, at least, 1/16 (one out of sixteen sections as shown on the battery-level display). If this level is reached, customer should park the car safely according to parking rules. Otherwise the customer may be charged and additional fee according to our T&C.

If possible, park or move the car to the side of the street to a safe place and call our customer service at +34-915510126 (Madrid) or (+351) 21 145 1331 (Lisbon). In case the car is blocked in the middle of the street, put on the emergency vest and safely place the emergency triangles that you can find in the car truck. The, call our customer service at +34-915510126 (Madrid) or (+351) 21 145 1331 (Lisbon). Should this occur, you will be charged additional handling fees according to our T&C.

Do not worry about recharging emov vehicles. A dedicated service team will take care that the cars are always charged and available for use.

You can end the rental in any on-street public parking spot within the Service Area. You cannot end your rental outside the Service area, in private parking, parking with barriers, spaces reserved for disabled or in any parking spot with time limits (i.e.: load and unload areas).

Turn off the engine, shift the gear to P, pull up the hand break and place the key in the key holder inside the glovebox. Make ensure all lights are turned off, all doors and windows properly closed before you leave the car. Once you are outside of the car, open the emov app and press the “lock car” button, wait a few seconds, once the car locks, your trip is officially ended.

Please make sure the keys are properly stored and all doors are closed. If you still cannot end your trip call our helpdesk at +34-915510126 (Madrid) or (+351) 21 145 1331 (Lisbon) to report the problem. Our Customer Service will take care of the issue and explain you how to proceed. We are sorry for the inconvenience, unfortunately, external variables (e.g. inhibitors) occasionally make it difficult for the system to connect with the car.

The emov service rate includes full coverage insurance for all its vehicles. In case the customer holds the responsibility of the accident/damage and respects our terms and conditions fully relatively to the damage/accident reporting procedure, the customer will be charged our deductible fee.

If responsible for the damage/s, the customer will be charged a deductible up to the amount specified in the Pricing Policy, as long as our terms and conditions are met. If our T&Cs are not met, the customer will be charged according to the damage extent and costs.

Before starting each and every trip you have the option to contract our waiver service. Prior to unlocking the car, a pop-up message will appear in the application which allows you to either accept or reject the waiver following your trip with the standard insurance cover. If you accept to apply it, your deductible will be reduced but it will only apply for the individual trip. Each time you wish the deductible reduction to be applied, an additional fee per trip will be charged. The fee will be charged overnight to your credit card together with any trip you have done. All the waiver-related charges can be consulted the day after in your account either in the web or in the application in the “Trips” page under “Other Charges” section and in the invoice, you receive by email two days after your trip. Please consult our price policy for additional information about the extent of the reduction and the amount of the waiver fee.

In the event the car is already damaged at the beginning at the trip, please report the damage immediately following the procedure in our terms and conditions by calling +34-915510126 (Madrid) or (+351) 21 145 1331 (Lisbon), to be compliant with our T&Cs.

All the emov vehicles have a special bag in the truck dedicated to the collection of all items forgot or found by previous users. If you find an object inside one of our vehicles which does not belong to you, please put it inside this special bag. Our customer service will take care of finding the owner and, in case no one claims ownership, the lost items will be donated to a local charity organization.

The airport is currently not included within our Madrid service area. Nevertheless, if you want to give a ride to one of your friends or family members, you can still exit the service area as long as you drive back and you end trip inside our service area. Watch out for the battery level.

The airport is included in our Lisbon area. Remember that starting or ending a trip at the airport implies an additional costs (please see our Lisbon price policy). You can not leave the vehicle with an open trip for more than 24h at the airport. This breach of our Terms and Conditions leads to additional charge. Watch out for the battery level.

No. For the safety and convenience of other emov customers, smoking in the car is prohibited. If the service personnel or the next person to rent the car you used beforehand reports evidence of smoking in the car, we will need to charge you a cleaning fee. Go to our website for details about the cleaning fee (

Yes, it is allowed. Nevertheless, you are under obligation to clean the car before you return it. Bear in mind that the next person who uses the car will expect to find it in clean conditions. If there is evidence of heavy dirt inside the car we will charge a cleaning fee to your account. Go to our website for details about the cleaning fee (

Yes. Every car has an USB plug-in, located right in front of the gearshift, that allows to plug in your smartphone charging cable.

The basic tariff is applied by the minute. The price per minute is defined in our price policy which can be consulted in our web page ( maximum price per day is define in our price policy as well and can be consulted in the same web page. Time starts to be counted as soon as the car doors are unlocked and it stops being counted once the trip is officially ended through the app. This tariff includes a 50km ride. Extra km will be charged at 0,29€/km. Please, refer to our emov price list in our web. All prices include  VAT.

You can find the car documents inside the glovebox.

First, we apologize for not providing the service you expected. Please, let us know the reason of your complaint so we can improve our service. Contact us at

Madrid customers : or call us at +34-915510126

Lisbon customers : or call us at +351 21 145 1331

An official complain sheet if available at your disposal.

You receive an email with the trip information at the end of each trip. At the end of the day, all trips will be charged to your card. The invoice will be sent to your email address two days after you did the trip. The invoice is issued on a daily basis and will include all the trips done during a specific day.

The rental rate starts to be calculated as soon as the customer unlocks the car from the App.

emov accepts Visa, MasterCard credit cards (MB Net cards are not accepted).

You can change/update your credit card details at any time by editing them in “My Account” tab in emov App or website under the “payment details” section. In case your account has been blocked, you can send an email to our customer service at (Madrid) or (Lisbon) or call at +34-915510126 (Madrid) or (+351) 21 145 1331 (Lisbon) to check the issue and unblock it.

No. Tolls are a user’s expense. You should stop at the toll and pay for it. If you do not pay for it, an additional charge will be made to your account according to our pricing policy.