Pricing Policy – Lisboa

All prices listed below includes VAT (23%) and are valid starting from 09 Maio 2019.

Item Price
Subscription fee 9 €
Price per minute 0,26€/min
Price per minute – business account 0,27€/min
Minutes Packs according to pack
Price per Km after the first 50km 0,29€/km
Daily fee (from 5th hour) 63 €
Daily fee (from 5th hour) – business account 78€
Booking time (20 minutes) free
Charge for booking expiration 0,99€
Passing on third party fees, invoices or tickets variable amount
Passing on Municipal towing fee (plus charge of “Charge for picking up at Municipal garage) variable amount (+VAT)
Charge for picking up vehicle at Municipal Towing service garage 25 €
Administrative charge on fines 20 €
Towing service charge in case of battery under minimum (1 section) 50 €
Minimum battery level charge (1 section) 20 €
Charge for unpaid invoices claim (debt >50€ for more than 90 days) 10 €
Charge in case of lost keys 75 €
Special service drive charge 25 €
Recharge for hold vehicle out of service in order to recover lost items (max. 4 hours) 40 €
Charge for smoking inside car 10 €
Deductible in case of damages in the car fulfilling Terms & Conditions According to damage
Max. 350€
Reduction of deductible service (per trip) 1,25 €
Charge for handling of accidents due to customer fault 35 €
Charge for not communicating accidents or not presenting “Agreed statement of facts” 50 €
Charge for allowing third parties to drive the car 250 €
Charge for leaving a car window open 50 €
Charge for parking in private or with barrier parking 250 €
Charge for special cleaning due to a violation of the Terms and Conditions 50 €
Airport fee (trip to or from airport) 2 €
Call to call center According to local tariff