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Welcome to emov!!

Now that you are part of this family of environmentally-conscious drivers, we want you to know a bit more about us.


I have already registered, now what?

If everything is correct, you will receive a confirmation email in the next hours. In case of rush because you want to start moving around the city with 600 electric cars, you can call us and we will accelerate the process. If you are in Madrid call 915510126 or  (+351) 21 145 1331 if you are in Lisbon.

Have you download the App? If you haven’t, you can do it for free in iOs and Android.

Open the App, log in and voilá, you will see the available cars. When selecting a car, you will find the most relevant data: adress, battery level, plate number and the distance from your current position. You have 20 minutes of free booking. Choose the car that fits the trip that you are going to make. Keep in mind that every kilometer is (aproximately) one porcentual point of the battery and that you must leave the car with, at least, 9% of battery level. Don’t worry!! The car will let you know when it’s moment to park: the battery signal will start to blink and the car will tell you to park (Yes, our car speaks!!)

Once you have selected the car, you can open it with the App clicking ‘Open car’. The key is inside the glove compartment.  Now everything is simple: introduce the key with the gear level in P, turn on the engine (it’s electric, it won’t make any sound), use D to go forward and R to move backwards and… drive!!

Where can I park the emov?

You can park for free in all the service area. Yes, also in residential priority. Yes, also in Madrid Central. No, you can’t park in ‘disabled’ nor in loading and unloading slots. We recommend that, if you don’t want surprises, do not leave your emov where you won’t leave your private car. 😉

Drive, park, close the car leaving the key in the glove compartment and click ‘End trip’. You don’t have to pay for ticket. Make sure that you close both doors and windows; if not, the App won’t allow you to end your trip.

What is that fuctionality that allows you to remove the deductible of the insurance?

When you click ‘Open car’ you have the following message below:

In emov we have an all risks insurance with deductible up to 500€. If something happens and you are responsible, you will have to pay the first 500€ of the cost of fixing the vehicle. But… when starting the trip you will be asked if you want to remove this deductible (yesss, we are the only ones to offer this service).

If you click Yes we will add 1€ more to the account of your trip but in case of accident in which you are responsible you won’t have to pay the deductible.

If you click No, thanks, we remain with the same situation; this is said, we won’t charge anything extra but you will be covered by the insurance and in case of accident there will be an additional cost.

What if I want to drive with child?

No issue here! In emov we have baby seats in part of the fleet. These cars can be identified through a different icon. The babyseats are Chicco’s Youniverse Fix model, adapted to Group 2/3 (from 9 to 32 kg). There won’t be any additional cost for using these cars.

How do I get disccounts or free trips?

In emov we have endless benefits for our users. To keep updated and be able to win free minutes and travel cheaper, we invite you to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and to activate the reception of commercial notifications.

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