If you think about emov you think in electric cars, with a cheerful design, that does not make any sound when the engine starts and that allows you to park in Madrid for free. But emov is much more. It has much more!

Today we discover five facts you don’t know about emov:

Did you know that with emov you can go to the airport and pick up your friend, boyfriend, parents, siblings an even your second cousin? You just have to leave the car in the parking, close it with the key, go to the landing terminal and back to the car. Easy peasy. The clock will still be ticking, but the car will still be yours, and only yours, until you arrive to your destination and finish the trip with the app. But, hey! Remember to book a car with enough battery!

Did you know that you can fold the seats down to add more space? Your couple arrives from a weekend trip, you go and pick his up at the airport and, guess what? She brings the biggest suitcase ever. You start to wonder why does she need that amount of clothes if she was only away for 3 days. Then, suddenly, you start to wonder where you can put the suitcase. Challenge accepted! Fold down the back seats and, voilà!

Did you know that you can charge your phone in emov? SOS! Panic! Help! How many times did your heart stopped after seeing the low battery sign on your phone? With emov the anxiety is over! You can charge your phone in the car thanks to the USB port located in the middle part of the car, in front of the gear lever.

Did you know that you can listen to your Spotify playlist in emov? Connect your phone with Bluetooth and enjoy the trip.

Did you know that you can move around Madrid without worrying about the neighborhoods with residential restrictions and in days of pollution protocols? With emov there are no limits. Go wherever you want, whenever you want, and without worrying if your plate is even or odd.