Todos los precios recogidos en el presente documento incluyen I.V.A. (21%) y están vigentes a partir del 01 de febrero de 2018.

Concept Price
Subscription fee 9 €
Price per minute 0,24€/min
Price per Km after the first 50km 0,29€/km
Daily fee (from 5th hour) 69 €
Booking time (20 minutos) gratis
Passing on third party fees, invoices or tickets según cuantía
Passing on Municipal towing fee (plus charge of “Charge for picking up at Municipal
Charge for picking up vehicles at Municipal Towing service garage 25 €
Administrative charge on fines 20 €
Towing service charge in case of battery under minimum (1 section) inside M-40 45 €
Towing service charge in case of battery under minimum (1 section) outside M-40 75 €
Minimum Battery level charge 20 €
Charge for unpaid invoices claim (debt >50€ for more than 90 days) 10 €
Charge in case of lost key 75 €
Special service drive charge 25 €
Charge for hold vehicle out of service in order to recover lost items (Max. 4 hours) 40 €
Charge for smoking inside car 10 €
Deductible in case of damages in the car fulfilling Terms & Conditions Según daño
Máx. 500€
Reduction of deductible service (per trip) 1 €
Charge for handling of accidents due to customer fault 35 €
Charge for not communicating accidents or not presenting “Agreed statement of facts” 50 €
Charge for allowing third parties to drive the car 250 €
Charge for leaving a car window open 50 €
Charge for parking in private or with barrier parking 250 €
Charge for special cleaning due to a violation of the Terms & Conditions 50 €