Easily on our website:
all you need is your ID or passport,
a payment card and
a valid driver license.
Everything is online! Use the promocode to get free minutes.
Download our App to find the closest car.
Book it for up to 20 minutes
in advance
without cost. Unlock it from your App and
begin your trip.
Share much more than a car!
Freedom to park.
Once at your destination,
park in any allowed public spot within the service area
and don’t worry about
paying for parking.

Find 150 vehicles within a click.

emov vehicles are distributed within our home area in Lisboa. You will find 150 cars at your disposal.


Price per Minute
15 minutes  is the average one trip to work, and with emov it will only cost you as much as your morning breakfast.
Price per day
If you need the car for more than 5 hours, you may prefer our daily rate.
Without additional costs
Pay as you drive

Everything within a click

Download our App EMOV and enjoy our carsharing service in Lisboa from your smartphone.